Winter Has Arrived

*scroll down for Day 14 in my Christmas sharing*

I live in Washington State. There isn't a lot of "winter" during our winter. Normally. They are saying, though, that we are in for the worst cold snap since 1990 and the second since they started keeping records in 1949 (or 40, I can't remember now). Anyhow... the cold arrived last night and it brought a little bit of snow. And a lot of ice. We'll see how long I'm housebound because of it. Trust me - I'm not complaining about that idea!!! I'm always grateful for a day or so of forced time around my house. I love it here and rarely get to spend a lot of time in it. Today, everyone is home. Hot chocolate and Charlie Brown Christmas here I come...

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Melanie said...

Beautiful snow pictures! Enjoy your time at home... hope it doesn't get to cold.