Day 19 - Another Song

With only six days to go, I am starting to feel a bit pressured to get things together. I started early and then stalled out about October (when I got sick) and haven't really picked back up the pace. After all, the Christmas tree just got set up in our home on Wednesday and we didn't jump to decorate it. Odd for us.

The lyrics to this song remind me, though, that it absolutely is not about the packages I wrap, the tree I decorate or the garland I put on my fireplace. This season is about gratefulness to Jesus that He would come to earth, give up His heavenly position for the position of baby, dependent upon His mother and earthly father. What a gloriously beautiful picture is woven as you wander through the story of Christ. I pray these lyrics touch you, too.

In Dulci Jubilo
Text: Traditional German Carol
It was sung in English and Latin

In dulci jubilo (In sweet joy)

Let us our homage shew;
Our heart's joy reclinet (rests)
In praesepio, (In the manger,)
And like a bright star shineth,
Matris in gremio, (In Mother's lap.)
Alpha est et O. (You are the beginning and end.)

O Jesu parvule! (O little Jesus!)

My heart is sore for thee!
Hear me, I beseech thee,
O Puer optime! (O good child!)
My prayer let it reach thee,
O Princeps gloriae! (O foremost in glory!)
Trahe me post te! (Draw me next to you!)

O Patris caritas, (O Father of love,)

O Nati lenitas! (O Birth of softness/gentleness!)
Deep were we stained
Per nostra crimina; (Through our crimes;)
But thou has for us gained
Coelorum gaudia. (Joy of heaven.)
O that we were there!

Ubi sunt gaudia, (Where are joys,)

If that they be not there?
There are angels singing
Nova cantica, (New songs,)
And there the bells are ringing
In Regis curia: (In the King's court:)
O that we were there!

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