Health - Part 4

So I've been working pretty hard at getting my glucose level down.  I met with the diabetic nurse at my doctor's clinic yesterday, appointment #2.  This was the appointment where she got to go through all of the things I need to watch out for, the things that can go wrong and why they are so serious for someone with diabetes.  Whewwww boy!!!  It's still overwhelming.  I know diabetes isn't the only disease that does this but it's incredible when you start looking at how interconnected our body systems are and how even the slightest off-balance in one starts a chain reaction, causing everything else to get out of whack. 

Despite all of the "doom and gloom" warnings that have to be given, there are a LOT of positives to report.  In the 3 weeks that I've been testing my glucose, my average is now 165.  Down from 341.  An amazing improvement and that was with the Metformin, diet and adding 30 minutes of exercise a day.  That's it so far.  I still have some tweaks to make to my diet and I hope to get up to 1 hour of exercise a day.  My goal is to keep my blood sugar below 160 after meals and below 100 before meals.  I've been below 160 after meals for the last week now so it's attainable.  I can see that.  I just have to be kind to myself and recognize it's not instantaneous.  I didn't get into this mess instantaneously - I can't expect to get it under control that quickly, either.

Also, I've lost another 8 pounds which makes 38 pounds total since October.  Can you hear the chorus singing "Hallelujah" ?  I know I can...  I can see it in my face, feel it in my clothes and it's just awesome, awesome, awesome!

There are major improvements in my eyes, too.  That's my biggest happiness in all of this.  My glasses are almost back to working 100%.  I don't need them for reading or computer work and that's fine (so my eyes are actually improving) but it's the distance I need to get back in line.  I still don't feel too comfortable driving at night but it's much, much, MUCH better.  The headaches are diminishing, too.  Thank you, Jesus!!!

And then to the giggles in this entire situation.  I've been getting on our recumbent bike every single day, riding 20 minutes the first 4 days then up to 25 for one week and finally, 30 minutes for the last 3 days.  Minor problem.  The seat on that bike is super-hard and even with a pillow under my bum, I've managed to bruise my tailbone.  I am in so much pain I'm home from work today because I simply can't "sit."  I can stand up or lay down but sitting upright?  Forget it.  Now...the pain isn't anything I'm enjoying but I can't help but laugh about this.  I mean - seriously - pulled hamstring?  That's an acceptable work-out injury.  Blow out your knee?  Ok.  But...  hurt your butt???  C'mon....  If I'm going to keep injuring myself can I at least do it so I get a cool story out of it?


I'm not really complaining, I'm laughing almost hysterically.  And I've been able to tease Christopher about laughing at my hurting my butt.  You have to be here and hear it but trust me - I've been laughing so hard tears have been rolling down my face.  Him, too...  What I consider entertaining.  Oh. my. golly...



Snow... snow... snow

Another day, another 4 inches of snow added to our already 6 inch base.  At the rate we're going, our back yard is going to become a major ski hill.  It's awesome.  I can say that - I don't have to go to work today.  My boss drove me home yesterday morning about 11AM. 

Sooooo beautiful!!!


Health - Part 3

Had my appointment on Thursday.  Discovered my glucose level - my fasting glucose level - on the 27th was 341.  341.  That's an ominous number.  Especially since it should be around 100. 


So - I'm eating almost nothing but twigs & pine nuts and testing my blood twice a day.  See how low I can get my level and then if I'm at the target, I don't have to go back for 4 weeks.  If I don't reach target, I have to go back in 2 weeks.

Oh...and the medicine they've put me on.  Metformin.  1000 mg two times a day.  Heavy duty dosage... 

Yay.  Yay.  and Yay...


Health - Part 2

No surprises.  I am diabetic.  Oh yay...  This Thursday I have an appointment with the diabetic nurse at my doctor's clinic.  Education begins.  Say good-bye to my favorite chocolate.  Good-bye to ice cream.  I get to now find "substitutes" and I have to get serious about exercise.

Happy New Year to me.

Right now?  I'm thinking what a dunce I've been.  How lazy.  How selfish.  How gluttonous.  I did this to myself.  NO question about that.  No one to blame but me.  And now I have to do what it's going to take to stay as health as possible.  I'm 44 years old.  If only I could take the 3 months I'd need to go to the ranch.. Maybe Biggest Loser could get me back to what I used to me.  How I miss that me...