Because Easter is Coming

Because I read both of these posts today and I don't ever want to forget the stories they hold.  Because Easter is coming and every year I look at it differently.  Because this is my first Easter without my mother and I don't know that I can walk through that day.  Because everything in my world has been upside down for almost a year and I'm finding nuggets where God reminds me it will be upright...some day.  Because that day may not come until Jesus returns, I don't want to lose perspective.

Because Jesus matters..

Bring the Rain:  Tree of Mystery

Ann Voskamp:  Why a Christian Family May Celebrate Passover



Several years ago I had the absolute joy to be a part of a Lifegroup for single women.  We were together for a very long time, many of them are still in a group together.  For those of us who left for one reason or another (usually because we got married), it's been difficult to not be a part of the group.  We miss our time together.  At one of our meetings, one of the women (Denise), mentioned just how grateful she was to God for putting her with such wonderful women, her sisters mean so much to her.  The thing was, when she said "sisters" it came out "seeeeesters" and I mean she dragged that "i became e" out for a full second.  We were in tears we were laughing so hard.

We've been "seeeesters" ever since.  So... back in September, Christy invited the original "seeeesters" to dinner at her place in December.  She served homemade French Onion soup and Chicken vegetable soup.  And gave us all red cups with lids to take home leftovers.  It was such a fun night we decided to do it once a month.  Each of us hosts one month and we've paired up to bring desserts.  So - each time I cook, Anita brings dessert and each time Anita cooks, I bring dessert. 

This last Saturday was my turn to host.  And it was St. Patrick's Day so... green was definitely my theme.  I made a yummy Shanagary stew and a recipe I found online, Gramma's Vegetarian Chili (one of us is a vegetarian & has gluten issues).  The food was amazing and the company was even better.  We had SO much fun and laughed so hard we were crying.  It is just the best night each month and I can't wait for each month.  April's dinner is scheduled for the 28th.

A few pictures from the night:

the table


coconut cake for dessert!

I found the placecard idea at Chica & Jo's.  I added the rainbow colored pipecleaners and put rolos in it for gold coins instead of actual clover.  They were thoroughly enjoyed.  The bread crocks (holding the red tulips) I found at Terry's Village.  On clearance.  Awesome gifts!

My next turn is September.  I'm already thinking about what I'll do for that month...  In the meantime?  I'm going to LOVE hanging out with my seeeeesters each month, catching up and eating awesome food.  Oh how I love friends!

P.S. - SWSS is short for Soup With my Seeeesters on Saturday...