It's been a week.  A week of absolute horror as we watched the news media play video of the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon.  What is that?  Over and over and over again they would replay those pictures.  Talk and talk and talk - saying nothing new, nothing newsworthy and often nothing more than pure speculation.
Why do they feel we need to be CONSTANTLY bombarded with "breaking news?"  An on the hour/half-hour update would probably have been sufficient.  Instead, they hover - like vultures - waiting for the next morsel they can scoop up.  Pulling in their "exclusives" (how many times did we need to hear from the girl who went to high school with one of the bombing suspects - who said he was a "nice guy" but she hadn't seen him in years... ?) and wasting time and air space.
If we want sensationalism in our news, we can tune into one of those entertainment shows...
It's tiresome.  And ridiculous.  It doesn't make us look intelligent, it makes us look blood-thirsty.
Last night's capture of the second suspect in the Boston bombing had friends on mine on Facebook posting angry tirades as to why this guy was captured alive.
Angry he's alive?  Really? 
Perhaps that wouldn't bother me so much if these are the same people who profess a belief in God and a following of Jesus Christ.
You know - even when Jesus was flogged, scourged and hung on the cross He said not one negative thing about the "terrorists" who did it to Him.  He, instead, implored God to forgive because we didn't know what we were doing.
Yes.  We. 
The bombing suspect caught is a 19 year old boy.  A boy whose story we know not one iota about.  We know nothing of the life he lived to get to that point of hate.  We know nothing of what he was taught, of what he wasn't taught.  We know nothing except...
He, too, is a creation of God's.  Loved by God as much as we are. 
Who are we to be angry, disappointed and frustrated that God chose NOT to have him die last night?
Who are we to determine there is nothing more this boy can do in this world?  Nothing more he can learn - or teach?  Who are we?
I read a blip today, too - somewhere - that when Boston heard that Wellsboro?  Watersboro?  Baptist Church was headed to Boston to set up their protests that Bostonians turned out in droves to block their way into the city.  The church couldn't even get out of their vans.
I'm all for sharing the love of Christ but I have yet to see where that church does that.  They tell everyone all of the horrible things they are doing wrong to incur the wrath of God.  Well...no offense people but Jesus told us to take the plank out of our own eye so then we can actually see the speck in our brother's eye.
How much plank removing have they done?
I'm tired.  Battle weary.  I can't imagine how hard it was for God to wade through those thousands of years, how hard it was for Christ to come here and minister, serve and then die for us.  We're a bunch of ungrateful, unloving, self-absorbed, pride filled whiners.
Ok...not everyone but...I know I sure am.  What do they say?  The characteristics you yourself hold are the ones you most dislike in others?
I can be just as blood-thirsty, just as quick to anger, frustration.  Just as self-righteous.  Just as judgemental...
But I am fairly sure Jesus doesn't want me to be.  He wants me to love.  As God is love.  And leave the justice to Him.  Because His is fair, true and just.  Mine is not.
So...for that young man in Boston who has a world of hurt in front of him, I will pray.  I will pray God gets his heart and he doesn't end up in hell.  Because I know I don't want to go to hell and that young man isn't loved by God any less than I am.
And to the people of Boston?  I love you.  I am humbled by your courage and community and care for one another.  I am praying for your hurting, your helpless...and your hopeless.  For those who were "1st responders" and for those who suffered injuries we both see and don't.  Praying for God's comfort to envelope your city like a cloud.
Like His Shekinah glory of old...wouldn't that be an amazing breaking news story?