Health - Part 2

No surprises.  I am diabetic.  Oh yay...  This Thursday I have an appointment with the diabetic nurse at my doctor's clinic.  Education begins.  Say good-bye to my favorite chocolate.  Good-bye to ice cream.  I get to now find "substitutes" and I have to get serious about exercise.

Happy New Year to me.

Right now?  I'm thinking what a dunce I've been.  How lazy.  How selfish.  How gluttonous.  I did this to myself.  NO question about that.  No one to blame but me.  And now I have to do what it's going to take to stay as health as possible.  I'm 44 years old.  If only I could take the 3 months I'd need to go to the ranch.. Maybe Biggest Loser could get me back to what I used to me.  How I miss that me...

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