Health - Part 1

I say part 1 because who knows what's going to be coming from my visit with Dr. H. this morning.  Blood work - 4 tubes worth and a urine test later, I'll probably be told I'm diabetic and be looking at a whole host of tests, appointments, diet consultations, blood draws...  I often hate that I love food and hate exercise.  And I'm lazy.

So... there it is.  Day 1.  Let's see what the blood tests show.  I'm guessing super-high glucose, high cholesterol and a few other great do-dads...

Oh, joy.

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Heathahlee said...

Oh, Bonnie, it amazes me how much we have in common. I just went through all of that, and then some. Most of mine came back okay, but my cholesterol is too high. Before you agree to go on a statin, do some research on green tea leaf extract. My total was at 247 four months ago and I started taking green tea leaf extract about a month and a half before my next check-up. In just that amount of time (and actually taking half a dose as what the bottle recommends), my total number was down 14 points. I was thrilled. He still wants to put me on Zocor, but I'm just not going to do that. I've seen and heard too many side effects. I can't wait to see what my numbers are after taking the extract for a longer period of time.