A Day At Home

You know - Sunday was a day like today minus the missed responsibilities. Aaron & I both skipped work today. Actually, Aaron & Bruce made a command decision to close the shop for the day. I know - we live close but 164th has been a nightmare all week, add to it about 4 inches of snow (maybe more - I'm horrible about that) and we just weren't going to fight it today. From what we've been told, it was a good plan.

Instead, we stayed home. Watched the kids play in the snow and then save a few birds, finished the tree and I've suffered through a Star Wars marathon. It's been good. Real good. I think this is why God lets it snow here so much sometimes... make us all just... stop for a day and He sticks us together. We should do it more often.

The birds - C1, T & C2 had all gone to C2's school to do some sledding. On the way home they saw that they thought were a pile of leaves. Turned out to be several of these little yellow & brown birds. Not that I know what they are but probably some sort of finch. Unfortunately, a lot of them had succumbed to the weather and the others were... well... not doing well. The boys rescued five of them and it seems all five were doing well. Two of them flew away before they got them home, two more shortly after I took these pictures and the last two at some point later (we put those two in a box, put them in C2's fort out back and left them to warm up on their own. I did put some birdseed out & we have suet in the trees so hopefully we are helping our area bird population.

A few other pictures from today...

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