Day 16 - Prayer!

It is easy, I think, to struggle with prayer. I know I do, all the time. It starts out well enough, I'm spending my quiet time praying and listening, reading the Bible. I pray when I'm in the car, I'm praying over everything and then I start oversleeping, or forgetting to pray before I do something, don't pray over a decision I need to make... and then I start forgetting to thank God for His blessings. After a while, I'm feeling distant from God and convicted for ignoring Him.
Thank goodness He is so patient with me and forgiving. As we walk through this Christmas season, let us pray a grateful prayer for a Son willing to give up all He had and who He was for us.

Celbration: The World Transformed

O God, you make us glad by the yearly festival of the birth of your only Son Jesus Christ: Grant that we, who joyfully receive Him as our Redeemer, may with sure confidence behold Him when He comes to be our Judge; who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen ~Book of Common Prayer (1979)

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