The Saga Continues

It seems like the snow will NEVER end. I can't recall the last time I've seen so much snow in one place. If it's been since 1996 or 97, I'd be surprised. That winter we had roofs collapsing on carports and boat marinas from the weight of all of the snow. The water, when that melted, was almost knee deep in places. This, I think, is going to rival that year. I cleared about 3 inches off the mirror on my van last night and there looks to be another 5-6 inches on it tonight. It has barely stopped snowing all day and about an hour ago the snow seemed to be mixed with rain. Perfect... Get it all sopping wet and then it will freeze overnight. Hopefully, though, it melts off almost as fast as it came and we can get back to our normal winter. Rain. Rain. Rain.

In the meantime, a few more pictures from our last few days...

My Rhododendrum outside the front door.

Normally, on my snowman lights, you can see the base of them and part of the post that sticks into the ground...

The birds are greatly appreciating the seed in the feeders. They usually take off before I can get a "group shot" but there are normally 6-10 of them at the feeder at a time.

This post in the backyard usually holds a birdbath. That blew off in one of the windy winter storms so the base that holds the bath is now holding snow.

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