Ah... English. The Fits It Can Give Us

While doing a little blog reading catch-up this afternoon, I learned of a series Richella is doing on grammar. (Thank you, Heather!) Her second post includes a giveaway (YAY! Who doesn't love a giveaway?)

Grammar has long been a love of mine. As far back as I can remember it has been imperative I use to, too and two or there, their and they're properly. It means everything to me to write a number over one hundred without using "and" (104 should be one hundred four NOT one hundred and four). Also? A comma before the word "and" is redundant. My list is extensive but in the interest of time (and not wanting to push anyone to madness), I'll end there.

At work I am known as "The Grammar Police." Nothing is supposed to head out of this office without my reading it first. I'm not perfect and I make more than my fair share of mistakes. I'm also a bit strict and can go a bit overboard in the rule department but I believe proper grammar is important and I agree completely with Richella. Head over to read her post and find out what I mean.

Funny story in regard to grammar. I was watching our local news one night several months ago. The story was about someone who was anonymously "fixing" grammatical errors on signs in the area.

Throughout the story there was a tag on the bottom of the screen giving you the reporter's name and on what she was reporting. Each time the word grammar would pop up it would read grammer. I sent an email asking if there would be a follow-up story on using spell check when typing... I never did hear back.

Oh and one last thing? I am an - if not the - Ellipsis Queen, I believe. I "dot dot dot" at least once in almost everything I write. Usually? Two or three times... Ah, the joys of grammar!

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