I'm sure anyone who reads this has been there before but today I feel like I've hit my wall. I'm done. I don't think I have anything left to offer anyone. Not my husband, my sons, my employer, my friends - not even a smile for a stranger. I'm done. I'm tired. I need rest.

Rest with a capital REST.

I don't see any anytime soon, either so on top of hitting that wall, I'm feeling a bit discouraged. Not so much a pity party - although I could see that happening (and will fight at all costs to avoid it! Worthless energy pity parties...) but more of utter exhaustion.

This afternoon at work I can't hardly hold my eyes open and I'm not even really tired.

Ideas for a cure? Ideas that don't include going out of town & spending money... I think part of my "done" is the fact that my husband will probably be job-less here in another couple of days/weeks. Stress plays a huge factor in "done." I don't feel particularly stressed but I'm sure my subconcious is working overtime...

What do you do when this happens to you?

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