Cozy at Home

I'm with Emily. I would (almost) always rather be at home than anywhere else. Truth is, though, I am rarely at home. Monday through Friday means I'm in the office and the evenings mean Coalition meetings, class or church, Saturday is often (not always) job #2 or errands or time with friends and Sunday is church. Sunday afternoon, though... ahhhh the joys of Sunday afternoon.

As often as I can possibly do it, I keep us at home on Sundays after church. We attend the early service which means we're home by 11 AM and do you know how many glorious hours that gives us relaxing, reading, puttering around before we head to bed? At least 10... Ten of the best hours of the week.

This time of year usually finds us in the living room, reading and enjoying a fire in our beautiful insert. I can feel all of the weeks tensions just melt right off of me as I enjoy the cozy heat from the fire, feet curled up on the couch, covered with a comfy blanket. The house gets so quiet, the only thing you can hear is the sound of popping wood and the dog snoring.

Sometimes a nap is in order, sometimes I finish a long sitting book. No matter what I end up doing, I always stop and pinch myself just a little bit. It is so picture perfect to me and I can't quite believe I'm as blessed as I am.

For Sundays that meander along like that, Sunday evening always comes far too fast...

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Bobbie said...

I love being home too! AND I am almost never home like you too!!

- dls - said...

thx for the comment on my shower photo. =)

I agree with you about Sunday afternoons, one of my favorite times of the week!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yes! Sunday afternoon. Bliss!!