SO Very Proud!

A few years back. Ok... several years back... I had the honor of being a part of the lives of four young women by co-working with a friend to disciple them in what our church calls "SF12" (Student Fellowship for 12 weeks at a time). In those weeks we did a study together, learned about their lives and walked with them as they grew in their relationship with Christ. It was the most amazing, blessed time I have ever been fortunate to have with young people. God didn't grant me the honor of giving birth to a daughter. Instead, He gave me these young women. It is so wonderful to still be a part of the lives of three of them six years later. One of them has graduated from college and is now working as a researcher in the bio-medical field.

Another was married in July almost two years ago and she is the one for whom we celebrated tonight. She will be graduating from college in May with her degree in education, with a teaching certificate in Spanish (and forgive me - I know I am describing that incorrectly but I get SO lost in all of the degrees and certificates this woman has, I'm not quite sure which is which anymore.). She has been student teaching at a school where 1/2 of her day is spent teaching in English and the other half teaching in Spanish. She was a missionary in Chile for a year before she went back to school to finish her degree and she ultimately hopes to be a Professor someday - to teach those who want to teach those who want to learn Spanish.

That brings us to our celebration. She has been accepted at Oxford University, in their Masters Program and will be leaving in September to begin said program in October.

Her Masters.

At Oxford.

I'm not sure I can say anything more than I am oh so incredibly proud of her. Did I mention there are a whopping ten spots available each year in this program? Ten. She manage to procure one spot in ten in the Masters Program at Oxford... Can you feel my awe and pride in this woman? As I sit here now I can almost see it - it's almost as if it hovers around me and is a physical thing.

As I sat tonight in my friend's living room, looking at two of those four young ladies (by the way - #3 couldn't be with us as she is in Idaho at DTS with YWAM. Amazing young people...) that God put in my life so many years ago and I couldn't help but think how incredibly blessed I have been to be a part of what they are doing and who they are becoming. They are beautiful, vibrant, thoughtful and brilliant women and I love them. Just as if I'd given birth to them.

A perfect Friday evening. I could cry.

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