Today marks the two year anniversary of Thugater. Never thought for one minute I'd actually still be writing to this thing two years later. It hasn't grown to some big thing that attracts a ton of attention from the internet. It's my little corner of the www-osphere and I'm quite happy with it.

There isn't too much to do for such a momentous occasion. I don't have the type of readership that warrants hosting a giveaway. There are maybe 3 people who check this thing and one of them is related to me by marriage.

I'm not pouting or waxing sarcastic, I'm just writing the honest truth and marking a milestone. There are few things in my life I've managed to keep up for two years. Ok - few things like this. Following Jesus, my marriage, raising my children and working at my current job are all things I've worked on for a lot longer than two years but...nothing like this. Journals and diaries were always started with the best of intentions and then forgotten after a few months. Even my hope of keeping up with Scripture memorizing, etc. always starts out with a great plan and strong commitment but then I wane... I stop "showing up." I stop putting in the effort.

Here, though... here I keep writing. Perhaps this 3rd year of blogging I'll figure out what I really do it for and stick to some sort of "theme." Although...maybe not. Maybe it's the trafficking blog I focus on and attempt to raise my readership there. I think that one has a true purpose, a noble purpose (if you'll indulge me). Maybe this is the year to start getting on that. Although... with under 100 posts, that one might actually need a giveaway. Some Fair Trade coffee and the like.

Hmmmm.... now I'm thinking out loud & rambling. Never a good thing for me. I'm going to end this post by saying the picture at the top is the very first picture I posted on my blog two years ago, too. Good picture. One of my favorites, taken in one of my favorite places - Westport, WA.

Off to dream of ways to increase traffic to my trafficking blog. Oh the irony of puns...

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