A Celebration

My sister-in-law is one of the best women I know. I am so blessed to be able to call her family and I know if I'm hanging out with her, I'm laughing and having a great time. Her birthday is at the beginning of March and since that first weekend was swamped for us, we invited her and her husband over to our place last Sunday to celebrate.

Not that I need an excuse but... spring is almost here, the weather has been gorgeous and she and my mother-in-law bought me the most amazing lilac lace-design chargers for Christmas. I've been itching to set my table in pretty pastels so...it was the perfect reason to "go purty." Shandy deserves it! Here is the table "in process." It's not completely set in this picture but I was running out of time and wanted to be sure I grabbed a picture or two of the prettiness.
Closer to being completely set:
I don't know how well you can see them here but the placecards are from Tricia-Rennea. I find so many awesome things on her blog. She is incredibly talented.
My husband & I made a yummy dinner of bbq'd chicken, asparagus and a salad. Ok... truth be told? The only thing I made was the salad. It's such an easy one to do, too. Mixed greens, chop up a pear (or two - depends on how big a salad you need), toss in some almond slivers and mix together with poppyseed dressing. YUM!

We were too busy eating to take pictures (ok - that's not the real reason I have no pictures of the food - the real reason is I never remember to pull out my camera) of the food. However...I did take pictures of the table, the cake and Shandy's gifts. We had a fun evening and as they always seem to be, they were over far too quickly.

Yummm... carrot cake!
Hellebore - double-duty as table centerpiece AND birthday present. Perfect!
Shandy holding her prints with her husband Jules next to her. The little hand in the picture is C2 taking his own pictures. He is growing up WAY too fast!!!!

Along with the placecards, I found my sister-in-law's gift via Tricia-Rennea's blog when she wrote a post about her friend Shannon Justice and a great opportunity to own two mini-prints of Shannon's work. Well, when I saw those mini-prints, Shandy popped right into mind. I knew she had to have one of each. They're perfect for her and she loves them. Blogs are such awesome resources!

All in all a great birthday celebration. Since next year means a milestone for both her and her husband Jules (the big 4-0...), I'm already thinking about a theme for a BIG girl & boy party, celebrating them both together. I can't wait to start working on it!

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