I Am Just Sick

Sick to my stomach. I want to cry but I am not in a place where I can do that.

This is what I read this morning:
7-Year-Old Sex: 'They'd Kill Her If She Screamed'

What are our children learning? How did this young woman come up with this idea and think it was ok? How? Did someone suggest it to her? If they did - where did they come up with it?

The parents did, from what this report says, exactly what they should have done so they aren't uninvolved in the lives of their children. Where are our children learning this stuff? Is someone going to try to tell me TV and media and computers have nothing to do with it?

I'm outraged. I'm enraged. We are losing an entire generation of children because sex is considered unimportant. Saving yourself for marriage is a joke - and a bad one. We make up vows when we marry because we want to make sure we have an "out." Of course, even if traditional vows are used, if one partner gets "bored" or feel as if their spouse just doesn't "get them" or they "don't feel like being married anymore" or whatever host of idiotic reasons are tossed around for quitting... people walk out. They quit. They quit on their spouse, their families. Because of the almighty importance of "me." Don't I deserve to be happy? Don't I deserve...?

I'm angered beyond all imagination. Maybe it's because I was once there myself, I don't know. Truth is it's HARD to be married and it's HARD to not wonder "what if." The biggest truth, though? God abhors divorce. God abhors adultery. God intended sex to be between husband and wife.

The biggest truth? God doesn't quit on His family. Jesus has not given up on His spouse.

And every single moment of every single day they are there - available to us.

Our big mistake - ignoring Him, tossing Him out of everything in the name of "tolerance" and "fairness." And we end up reading stories like this one.

Sick to my stomach.

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