Doughnuts? Donuts? Depends on who you talk to. If you're at Frost Doughnuts in the Mill Creek Town Center, it's with the gh. And honestly? I think I get why. Without the gh they're just... doughy circles. With the gh and you've suddenly stepped it up a bit. It's like being handed your own personal little piece of heaven cake.

I had read (unfortunately to late) about last weekend's cupcake camp in Seattle via Little Birdie Secrets and she mentioned a bacon cupcake that was, surprisingly, quite yummy. Then she said she needed to try a bacon donut. At Frost. Well...that put me to thinking. I have a husband who is incredibly enamored with meat. A carnivore extraordinaire I call him. Bacon is high on his list of favorite meats. So...I clicked on her Frost link and when I got there, I looked up their locations. Right now? They have one. And it's about 3 miles away - in the Mill Creek Town Center. Imagine my excitement when I could tell my husband about something so awesomely amazingly cool AND could take him where he could try one!

Off we went to Frost. Of course, and this is a major warning: BE PREPARED. Either walk in only after perusing their online menu and deciding what you will buy and gearing up your will of iron or plan on going absolutely ga-ga over what they offer at the counter and walking back out the door with a dozen donuts in flavors and shapes and sizes that make your mouth water. Water I tell you.

I had planned on us buying two bacon doughnuts. One for Aaron, one for Christopher. I wasn't buying anything for me. After all, I gave up sugar two days ago - what good does it do me to cave so quickly, right? However...I was not prepared for the white chocolate raspberry truffle (picture #1 - see the bites I had already taken out of it before I thought to photograph it for my blog?). I caved. Completely. Head over heels. I can't help it - mix white chocolate and raspberries together and - ok - I'll be honest. I CAN help it but I simply don't want to.

And out we walked with a mixed dozen (there is another term for they type of dozen we purchased but I can't remember what it is now). We looked at each other and Aaron just shook his head and said "What just happened?" And I laughed. Because I know what happened. Doughnuts happened - not just circles of fried dough but beauty and imagination and yumminess beyond compare happened.

So began our Sunday... and a discovery we are so grateful to have made and a place we can't wait to get back to again. If you happen to be in the Mill Creek, WA area anytime soon? Head over to Frost. They are more than worth your time!

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