Thankful Thursdays - Hope

It never ceases to amaze me how the TT subjects almost always tie in to something directly happening in my life. Laurie at Women Taking A Stand is hosting Thankful Thursdays in the month of April and named "hope" as this week's subject. This upcoming Sunday we are having a prayer and praise service for our Sunday evening service and I'm part of the "prayer" portion of the evening. I will be praying for 4-5 minutes on hope.

Hope... a subject so near and dear to my heart because it has caused such an ache knowing that my son and his friends don't seem to have much. I know it's not true with all young people (I read a great story yesterday that reminded me of that) but there are just SO many today being swept up into the darkness. Drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, pornography, gangs... The list is so long and feels like a 1,000 lb. weight on your shoulders. How oh how oh how do we speak hope into these lives when so many of their young friends are dying for the most ridiculous reasons? When lives seem to revolve around darkness and so few find their way out? That's what they see, that has become the "norm" for them. "What's the big deal, Mom?" When I know it's eating him alive...

It breaks a mother's heart.

Even with all of that on my mind, I am thankful this week for hope. Even hope you can't seem to see or find.

I am thankful above all for The Hope. Jesus Christ. My prayer is scales would fall from eyes, He would be seen by so many floundering in the darkness and not just seen - accepted, trusted and loved. He IS the way, the

I am thankful for The Light of Jesus Christ and how just a little bit of it can break through so much darkness.

I am thankful for The Love of Jesus Christ - sharing it with just one person, in one small way (sometimes a smile and acknowledging another's existence is all that's needed) can help start a change to a person's path.

This week I have had the opportunity to speak to my son again, just a bit, about that Hope. He gets angry sometimes when God comes up (Made me laugh time before this last one - he got mad at me and he's the one who brought up God. :) ) but not as much as he used to and I just keep praying for a miracle. I know God can change his heart and that's the miracle I pray for constantly and for that I am thankful, too:

God hears my prayers. God cares about my prayers. God loves when I talk with Him.

How can I not be thankful?

Hope you join us today at Laurie's. Have a blessed week!


Denise said...

May God pour sweet blessings upon you my friend.

Saleslady371 said...

Hi, Bonnie:
Aren't you glad we have Jesus our hope at times like these. I stand with you believing for your son. May you be encouraged today as you have encouraged your readers!

LAURIE said...

Oh WOW is all I can say. Isn't God good - how he orchestrates everything together. HOPE- it is certainly the foundation that we build upon in Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us today! -Laurie