Great Blog - Great Giveaway

You know me - I love finding a fun new blog and I love blog giveaways. They are just so much fun and you get to "meet" the most amazing people.

Today I stumbled across Sue over at Life at Home and at first it was all about the giveaway. I'm sorry - my humanness falls out whenever cute stuff is being given away...

Then, I started roaming around... Oh my golly does this lady set up some beautiful decor!!! I am in absolute awe at the talent out there in decorating and keeping house and am always amazed when I find someone new because they are all so ingenious in their imagination. It is downright incredible. Not a single duplicate anywhere. Ever!!!

For me, I'm just happy to have a few pretties sitting around and that the living gets dusted. This woman and others like her have made their home pieces of art! It is absolutely amazing and I love that they're willing to give us peeks into their homes and share with us.

However...in the interest of actually getting this post done today, the only other thing I'm going to tell you is Sue is also hosting a giveaway. Click. Click... CLICK, I tell you. Enter. The dishes are OH so cute!!!!! If you'd rather not enter, just pray I win because I would absolutely LOVE to add these dishes to my collection. And then invite you to dessert!

I'll even bake my cherry cheesecake.

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