Another giveaway!! This one is amazing. I believe I may have mentioned the the Nester before but if not, fly on over and check out her blog. She has incredible taste, wonderful ideas and a beautiful home she shares with us. She is also a creator of beautiful tassels. Whatever would a tassel be necessary for you ask? Well...as the owner of 4 (the only one I could give away I gave to my son so...even that one is still hanging in my house!), I can tell you they may not be necessary but they are beautiful and they add the perfect touch to a lamp, a door, a cabinet, a shelf... the possibilities are almost endless. I have two wrapped around lamps, one is hanging from my china cabinet door and my son hung his from his shelves.

I digress... the point of this post is to tell you that one of the Nester's tassels is being given away over at EverythingEtsy. It's adorable!! I'm really hoping I win this one - as my friend Barb would say "Look, Bonnie - a bird." :)

Head on over and enter but get going fast - the winner will be chosen randomly on May 1st!

Go... go... goooooooooo!

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