Thankful Thursday - Provision

First, I have to say this is the first week I've noticed the attachment to the Thankful Thursday button. I like it.

Second, Laurie at Women Taking A Stand is hosting Thankful Thursday again this week and her topic choice is provision. Thank you, Laurie, for putting this together for us each week and giving us a "home to hang out."

Every day I am amazed at God's provision. Not just in "things" although those are in great abundance. Yesterday's post mentions a quote a friend posted on her Facebook status. It has had me thinking ever since.

I am brought-to-my-knees thankful for so much God has granted me. I have no idea why He chose me to be placed in this country at this time with those people who love me as He has but He did and with that I am truly humbled. Those pictures of sad-eyed, starving children in other countries haunt me day in and day out. The women I sit down with every month who live in our area shelter haunt me.
To whom much is given, much is expected...Luke 12:48

God's provision to me is abundant and amazing and for that I am truly grateful. I have not "suffered" much in my life. Beyond feeling thankful, though, what am I doing with that provision?

This is a week for thinking and wondering just what God is planning for me. While there is always some trepidation (Will I miss God's call? Will He ask more of me than I am willing to give and will I obey?), there is also great excitement. God is moving me again...where to this time?

All glory and praise to El Shaddai, Jehovah-Jireh.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful post! God will equip us where He chooses to lead us...what an adventure it is. Trusting in Him to lead the way and knowing He will NEVER lead us astray.

Happy TT!

Laurie Ann said...

What precious thoughts...we serve a Mighty God who is more than able to provide. Happy Thankful Thursday!

LAURIE said...

Beautiful! I love your grateful heart and I rejoice with you that God is providing in awesome ways for you and yours. Happy TT! -Laurie

Angela said...

What an amazing post...I LOVED how you shared from your heart like this. Thank you,,,

Lynn said...

Great quote about the Bible. and so true.

I enjoyed reading your post and about your family. So very nice to meet you. Hugs.

Denise said...

Praying for God to always be your provision sweetie.

Pia said...

bonnie, God bless your grateful heart. i'm praising God along with you for His provision. God bless you more, bonnie.

Grammy said...

You are an awesome person. And I know it is not easy to see the pain of others. But there is some how a reason for you to be near them to help in kindness is some times enough.

Rita T. said...

Great thoughts.