What is it about car accidents that get the adrenaline flowing? I had a minor accident yesterday - thankfully no one was hurt (it wasn't my fault - I'll get that out of the way right away) and my car looks ok (it's not - it will get a diagnosis tomorrow) but still - I was shaking for a full hour after it happened. The woman hit my tire, doing probably 5 miles an hour (may be a bit faster but not much, that's for sure) and the whole time I knew both of us would be fine but still... Shaking away I go. It made me fumbly and fuzzy-headed, too. I think I would be horrible in a crisis.

I didn't think to get her insurance information or that my camera was in my purse and I should take pictures of where we were and on and on my list went. I did have the presence of mind to tell her I wanted her contact information (she just wanted us both to go on our merry way...) and I took the license plate off of her car.

Still - I'm on the phone with my insurance agency and I realize all of the information I DIDN'T collect and I felt like a complete idiot. While I was at the accident scene, it didn't look like I was going to need to call them but, of course, my car has a boo boo that I can't see. I should have realized that was a very real possiblity.

What is it about car accidents? And how do I have one on such an incredibly beautiful day?


Melanie said...

So glad you weren't injured! I know what you mean, though, about the adrenaline flowing and not getting all the necessary info. It happens to me, too!

Stephanie said...

Glad that everyone was ok. I haven't been in one in years, but they are definitely very scary. It is hard to think in a situation like that. I don't know that I would have done any different than you, but atleast you got her information! Hope it all works out for you, and stay safe!