Out My Van Window

So I've noticed recently that some of the best sights I see are actually out my van window. Thought I'd share a few...

These are brilliant, vibrant flowers growing through the crack in the sidewalk. The street where I spotted them, unfortunately, was too unsafe to park and walk around so...had to wait until I was stuck at the red light. I keep hoping for enough time to turn down the side street, park and walk back to them and take another picture a bit closer.

This one I took on the way to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's place. A tree caught between summer and fall... This time we pulled into the Park N Ride. Aaron was laughing so hard with all of my circling around and trying to figure out the best place to take a picture of the tree so the ugly fence & Honey Bucket didn't end up in the scene...

This one, I was in Everett this morning and they are doing some work up there along the river. I love the streetlights they're putting in and if you look closely, that big white spot in the way, way, way far off distance is Mt. Baker. It is exquisite in the morning when the sun is burning off the fog. Makes it look almost unreal.

I was driving past Lowell Park in Everett and noticed so many of the trees have leaves changing - the most incredible shade of red. So red they're almost burgundy. I love that God gives us so many changes through the seasons. Had to park the car and actually wander around a little bit.

This one I took at another Park N Ride. How I love that I can see Mountains from almost every direction out here!

Last but not least, for this post, anyhow. Saw these guys havin' a snack on my way home from picking Christopher up from school the other day. Not something I'm used to seeing in my neighborhood, that's for sure. I felt bad for the little brown one, he'd wrapped himself around that fire hydrant. Fortunately, a gentleman much stronger than me arrived home and helped the poor little guy out. I'm pretty sure it would not have gone well if I had tried to unravel him! All I could picture was the other one trying to munch on my clothes while I tried to untangle the leashes. I've learned animals are a lot stronger - and heavier - than they look. Didn't want to have an "I wrestled a goat today" story to share.

So... that's some life out my van window. Ok - some scenery out my van window and a little bit of life. I'll work on that a bit for the next time I decide to share a little of what is happening around me.

One last thing - if you haven't seen it yet? Go see the movie Fireproof. It is REALLY worth seeing!!

Hope you have had a blessed Sunday!

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