The Saga Continues

Here I sit wondering what I want to write. I haven't really been able to settle down and focus on much the last few days. Surgery went well but there seems to be a minor "after" hiccup. We're trying to figure out if I'm allergic to Aleve. It hasn't been pleasant since yesterday morning. I woke up with, of all the odd things, blotchy spots on my upper arms and those spots feel as though they have a fever in them. I don't have a fever, so the thermometer says but I have some muscle weakness, some light-headedness (as if I'm faint from hunger) and my arms both feel like I just had a tetanus shot. I don't trust myself behind the wheel of a car and when the mailman came today, I almost lost my balance trying to stand on my front porch.

It's not pleasant.

I have stopped taking the Aleve and have chatted with my doctor's office. I'm supposed to take some Benadryl and if that doesn't clear up my problem, I'm off to see her tomorrow.

This is something new for me. I haven't had an allergic reaction to medication before. The thing that makes me most sad is the Aleve was helping the pain I've been having in my knees! I suppose that's a good thing, though, too. If I don't feel the pain in my knees I may not be quite so motivated to start walking again, lose some of the excess weight I'm carrying so my knees aren't having to shoulder (ha ha) so much of a load... On the other hand, a few days sans pain has been incredibly pleasant.

I'm wondering what comes next, if I'll get better or if there is more in store. I wonder what the something is God is going to teach me (the TV hasn't been on all day - I've been reading instead!) and hoping I don't miss it.

By the way...I'm preparing some devotions for the women at the shelter. I start this Sunday going every Sunday and I promised them we'd talk over the women in the Bible. If you have any insight into Eve and want to share, I'm all ears. Or eyes. I have a couple of books I'm reading through and, of course, reading through Genesis but I am open to more information. After Eve I'll be talking about Mrs. Noah (since we're never given her first name) and then Sarah.

There is so much to learn from these women and I can't wait to see what God opens up to them - and to me - through these women. I think the part I love best is learning more about God together. Ecclesiastes reminds us: "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." (Ecclesiastes 4:12) and as we learn together, grow together, that cord grows stronger. We support one another and become accountable to one another, becoming a part of each other's lives in community as God intends.

Ah...if only my brain were more clear. I'm off to read again. I hope you all have a great Monday evening!

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