It's Monday morning and at the moment I should probably be off preparing payroll but I wanted to take a second to post a quick picture of our new office building. I'm so excited. My new office is smaller than the old place but the fact that I can open my window and almost all of the furniture in here is new to me more than makes up for the square footage I've lost.

We had a handful of guys come in on Thursday to move most of our furniture up from the old place, our IT folks moved our server and except for our phones (a mix-up at the phone company...), we are in and workin' away.

It is a beautiful spot and I don't mean to make this sound like I'm pattin' my own back but I am SO happy I convinced my boss that we needed to buy a building and stop throwing our money away in rent!!! I think the DC can be in this space for half a century or more, God willing.

I have some thoughts turning in my head, probably going to do a bit of a long post here pretty soon. Just need to write them out coherently before sharing, I think.

Have a blessed Monday!

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