Surgery Over!

I'm not going to pretend there hasn't been some discomfort today. Surgery went well but my husband insists I was nervous. Not sure how he knew...something about my 91 bpm heartrate or the 164/82 blood pressure... He said it was because I was a bit of a chatty Kathy with the nurse. The #'s just confirmed his theory.

Don't know why I was nervous...I spent the morning praying that Jesus would stand with my doctor and the operating team during my surgery. His name was the last thing I remember thinking (I was repeating it over and over in my head because I know how fast they knock you out!) before the nurse said "she'll take your glasses..."

He definitely stood with them. I'm not going to share details here but apparently one or two things will have to be clarified with my doctor when I go in for my follow up. Nothing disastrous or scary but there is a chance this isn't going to completely take care of my problem. Man oh man oh man...

However. I know this is just one more thing that God wants me to experience and I know He is with me all the time. Jesus promised to be with us ALWAYS. It will help me have compassion for those women who have to deal with this or similar issues.

It makes me wonder, though - how many women through the centuries have gone through something like this with absolutely no relief at all. How blessed am I to live in a time when the "fix" is relatively simple and pretty well painless. I have thought often of the Thugater woman in Luke and while I have gone through 4 months, she went through 12 years. I have prayed, cried, been annoyed and angry. So I wonder - How did she not give up? What kept her going? Where did she draw her hope? - I'm not sure I could do for 12 years what I have done for the last 4 months.

That is all for now, I think. I am tired and ready to take my place on my couch again for a few hours. I am looking forward to spending just hours in my Bible tomorrow, chatting with a couple of visitors and talking with - listening to, hopefully - God. A full day of forced rest. How wonderful it sounds.

May your weekend be blessed!

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Bev Coggins said...

Hi Bonnie - Hope you're feeling better!

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