Sunday the Happy Continues

Knew the blessings would continue. I really have to get better at counting my blessings every day because they are legion but I don't spend the time thinking about them, considering them as actual blessings. Foolish of me and I know if I think about it more often, I would grow closer to and listen more to God every day. Ever since I was given my camera at Christmas, I have carried it with me almost every day (except today of course and the Blue Angels flew over Safeco Field. Of COURSE they did...!!!!) and I think I pay a lot more attention to what is happening around me because of it.

Today we were at the Mariners' game. Worst team in baseball this year. I don't care. They're still the Mariners and they're worth watching. Today we won. YAYYYY!!!! 8 to 4. Edgar was there, too... WAHOOOOOO!!!! A surprise that made the WHOLE day a lot more special. The Mariners honored Dave Niehaus, the voice of the Mariners since opening day in 1976. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame last weekend in Cooperstown. Pretty good broadcaster he is. The Mariners made a special bobblehead to commemorate the occasion and we now have 4 of them. One is to be traded with a friend for a Felix Hernandez, one goes in the Mariners' collection and the other two? Who knows... I just had to laugh tonight as I lined them up on the piano.

My husband is so happy....

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