Oh...it was definitely a Monday

Almost everyone I work with knows that Monday is a tough, tough day for me. There is even a "rule" for our field agents about not calling Bonnie on Mondays. They don't do it unless it's an emergency (or they forget it's Monday) and I am always grateful for that. Today was a doozey. After the incredible, overwhelming weekend we had (it was backpack packing weekend and it was a LOT of hard work this year and then Leavenworth yesterday - 104 degrees in the shade!!!), I was simply exhausted today which made all of the normal Monday stuff even tougher.

The roughest part of the day came in the afternoon when Aaron called to say he'd hurt himself. It's time for set-up at the Evergreen State Fair and they were up there getting the stoves off the truck when the one on Aaron's hand-cart shifted and started to slip. Aaron did what he does every time this happens - he reached out a hand to steady the stove and keep it on the hand truck. Imagine his surprise when the stove didn't do what it was supposed to and instead kept going... Thank God it was in front of him and he not in front of it because the result of this could be a LOT worse than it is. Tomorrow we're off to the doctor to see what's wrong and I get to go. Poor man can't drive...

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