Sports Quiz

You Are Boxing

You are assertive, strong, and downright aggressive.

You have the power to demolish your opponent...

And you have the endurance to make sure the job is finished.

Ok - so I was blog-exploring again yesterday and I came across a young woman who is losing her grandmother. It was a bit odd that I settled on her blog (she was my 2nd or 3rd click) and read that particular post as yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Nana's death.

Anyhow...I ended up back there today & she had posted about this Olympic quiz so... being my normally curious self, I decided to check it out.

Yes, I already posted this morning but... two in one day will be a novelty, I promise but I had to share this.

How appropriate is boxing for me?????? I'm not sure I could hit someone else for "sport" but the "independent" streak is definitely me.

Anyhow... what sport are you? If you take the quiz, leave a comment & let me know. I'm curious...as always....

Have a great Thursday!

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