Love With Ice Cream On Top

(bunting printed here)

You have NO idea how much I wish I could make a living by planning parties! They are a TON of work but every second of it is worth it when people come to my house and have a good time. Every time I throw a party I say "I'm not doing this again" and then a little bit of time passes and I actually get an itch to throw another one. It's in my blood...

This time we were celebrating an adoption. My friend has chosen to be a single mom, adopting her daughter from the foster care system. Her daughter is 9. It is such an exciting time for both of them and it's exciting for those of us who have known my friend's heart to be a mother for many, many years. It's a match made in heaven - literally.

The guest book, with decorations, set up just inside the front door. I was giddy when I stumbled across the ice cream cone shaped notebook. Literally giddy... That pink ball you see in the blue bowl is a styrofoam ball wrapped with a lei that's been glued in place.

I put a few pictures of the actual adoption day around with some amazing quotes I found online:

It was an ice cream sundae and Italian soda party. SUGAR!!!! Wahoooo!!! The kids we tossed out back and they chased each other around. I made the pinata this time and it actually stood up to some pretty strong whacks from the kids. Alas, one child (mine - poor guy... he'd helped me make it, too!) didn't get to hit the pinata because its weak spot was found just a bit too early. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, though.

The pinata in progress...

The finished product (instructions found here):

What I almost never want anyone to see...What it looks like when I'm in the process of getting myself - and the party - put together:

Pom Poms I made and hung from the ceiling in the family room and living room. My friend's new daughter took them home after the party to hang in her room. I was thrilled she liked them enough to want to use them to decorate her room. Actually, she and her best friend took them and each ended up with three. Hopefully they hang for a LONG time in each girl's room!

That's it for this post. I'm going to have to do another one with pictures of the pinata smacking, the full sundae bar and folks having fun. This post has already gotten far too long!

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