Day Would Have Been Four

I am here at work. Shhhhh... don't tell anyone I'm posting. Actually, it's not been that bad today. A few shuffle & hop kind of moments and only one semi-disaster averted. The good thing is, it's not Tuesday so I can handle this stuff today and come back to work on Tuesday knowing it's just going to be par for the course. I won't be trying to deal with the issues I need to handle AND a disaster. Add to that I don't have to come in tomorrow, all is well.

Mom is feeling better so...above all of that other stuff? That's the best. She isn't resting anywhere near enough, of course but who does? That helpless and can't do anything but lay around feeling drives almost everyone I know crazy. Add to that immense amounts of pain and you've got Mom. It wasn't so bad coming in here today knowing it meant she's at home getting much needed rest, regaining some of the light in her eyes. As often as I can help with that, I'm happy to be here.

Instead of talking about work today, I thought I'd share just a few shots from last night. I didn't take a single picture of the food, though. Go figure. Actually - that part of the story makes me giggle. Aaron wanted to take the food home and eat it there, because he hadn't changed out of his work clothes. So - we leave Dick's and head home. Halfway there, Christopher reminds us he's spending the night with friends so I can work today so we change tactics and eat in the car. I can't take pictures and drive so...no pictures of the food.

Considering how yummy it was, though, we'll go back soon...and get more.

Now, I say yummy in a nostalgic kind of way. There are better french fries, better hamburgers and better milkshakes out there but Dick's screams tradition. Constant, reliable, cheap, fun food that is more a way of life up here than it is "good." They haven't moved a location, remodeled a location or changed anything about their menu since they first opened in the 1950's. As a matter of fact, what got me thinking about this place was their announcement in the news the other day that for the first time in 30 years, they're going to open a new restaurant and are asking for the public's imput as to where it should go. Personally I say Lynnwood but...we'll see...

Aaron's birthday dinner was spent at a classic... a lot like him.

We loved it. We also managed to fix a problem in which we had been greatly remiss. Christopher doesn't remember ever having experienced Dick's! Oh the horror... Deluxe hamburger, french fries and Chocolate shake. The dinner of champions. We had to make sure he understood the importance of Dick's in one's life.

And he gets it.


Happy Birthday, Aaron. Thank you for indulging my craving on your special day (although, he really wanted to go there himself, he just didn't think of it first). I love you!

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