Love With Ice Cream On Top... Part 2

The table centerpiece (the adorable little ice cream trucks I purchased online here):

The Sundae Bar... stocked:

Toys for the kids:

This is where we kept the "extra" toppings:

Taking out the pinata:

The kids all wanted to wait until after the pinata to make their sundaes. None of us grown-ups could figure it out but... ok....

It would be like me to forget to mention something. See those cute cones in that pink & aqua bowl? Found them here (but it appears they're sold out of them now...). They were a HUGE hit and I was told they were incredibly sweet. I didn't get brave enough to try one but those who did LOVED them!

And last but most definitely not least - the ice cream cone and popsicle clip art? I found at my most favorite graphic artist's blog. Tricia-Rennea has become my go-to person for everything. She is uber-talented and I love her stuff. My big regret is I didn't take any close up pictures of the sundae bowls or the place cards I used to label all of the sundae toppings. ::sigh:: However...you can go here and see the clip art I used. As always, a ginormous thank you to Tricia!

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Aunt Peaches said...

Hey Bonnie! I saw the lovely comment you left on my blog and had to pop over to see what you are up to...
1. That ice cream cone paper mache project is TOOO COOL! Totally bookmarking it.
2. I hope you find a way to make a living party planning, cause you certainly got a knack for it!
3. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you holding a party for such a momentous occasion. I'm sure everyone agrees it's cause for celebration, but you rarely hear about folks celebrating it with such hoopla and panache. The formation of a new family like this is a remarkable thing that we don't hear about enough. If you ask me, every new arrival deserves a shower or party, but something as fantastic as this deserves a tinker tape parade. --And Lady, you sure delivered!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing a peek :)