Public Speaking

On Monday evening I was humbled and honored to be able to speak at Frontline for Justice's monthly meeting. It's an incredibly humbling experience for me to stand up in front of a group of people and speak. As nervous as I get, I do enjoy doing it and not for the reasons you might think. I'm actually a "stay out of the limelight" kind of person - I don't like being showered with attention. It's why I never pursued a career in acting (although I supposedly had some ability in that department - my pediatrician used to call me Sarah Bernhardt after the silent film actress... I never quite understood that, though. I was never known for my silence.).

What I think I like about speaking is that it opens doors to talk with people I might not otherwise get to talk to about things that may have never come up in conversation. I'm not very brave (believe it or not) and approaching someone new to talk to has never been something I'm good at. However, there are people who will walk up to someone after they have spoken to ask questions, say "good job" or to critique what was said. I'm good with all of it if it means I get to talk to someone I don't already know. I met a couple of incredibly interesting and beautiful people Monday night. I added people and (even a formerly unknown to me organization) to my prayer list and I hope to get to see them again.

While I will never think I'm any good at public speaking, I hope God continues to ask me to do it. Oh...and if it turns out I am blessed enough to somday be speaking and you hear me, please come up to me and say hello afterwards. I would truly love to meet you. It would be the best part of my day.

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