The Day After Mother's Day

Well...it's over. THE day every year when children all over this country hand their mothers lovingly made, crayon colored cards and chorus "Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you!" Where were you yesterday?

I was at home for breakfast. Lovingly cooked by my husband and younger son, presented beautifully and well worth the wait. My Mom came over, too. In between "courses" (yes - breakfast was in courses. Course #1 consisted of cinnamon bites and course #2 was blueberry scones... ahhhhhhh... carb heaven!), Mom and I opened gifts. Mom seemed to really like her gifts and I absolutely love that my Mom buys me a Mother's Day gift. It just cracks me up. That and she has great taste so I'm always tickled by whatever I'm pulling out of my bag.

After breakfast, Mom and I hopped in the car and headed up to La Conner. La Conner is one of those beautiful little towns that has turned itself into a shopping mecca. Little antique stores, art galleries and "trinket" stores fill the old houses and warehouses up there. We spent as much time driving to and from La Conner as we spent walking around in it but it was a beautiful afternoon and we saw (and yes - even bought) a few cute things. On our way back home we stopped at a very popular produce stand and bought some of the biggest ice cream cones you can get.

Why am I forgetting my camera these days???? I'm so sorry! My camera sat in my purse all day and I'm willing to bet I probably could have taken some gorgeous shots of boats on the water....

Ah, well. Next time.

We meandered toward home, making a few more stops and then just relaxed at our house for a little bit before heading over to Chris' for dinner. Yes - you read that right. Chris cooked us dinner last night. It wasn't hot dogs or hamburgers on the grill, either. It wasn't grilled cheese or spaghetti.

Nope. He did chicken stir fry. He put together an amazing salad and he offered us garlic bread. The smell alone about drove me up the wall when I walked in the door. It was absolutely heavenly and while I was hungry when I got there, I was starving after my first inhale. My stomach actually growled when the smell of dinner hit my brain.

Dinner was so incredibly yummy. My son can cook!!!!

Then, he gave his grandmother & I both cards and flowers. I asked him before opening it - is it funny or mushy? He told me it was both. He lied. I almost started crying as I read the card. It was just so....amazing. When we got home and settled, I asked Aaron if he wanted to read it. He said sure - since he had forgotten to get me one... I told him - this year? Probably a good thing he did forget because no card out there could top the one Chris gave me. Aaron read it and completely agreed.

My son. I have no idea why God chose to bless me with that man but He did. He's not my boy anymore. He's definitely grown up and while he's still 23 in a lot of ways, he's incredibly mature in ways I would have never expected. I am so proud to be his mother (and that feels like an understatement). You know the verse in Romans where it talks about the Holy Spirit groans to God in prayer when you don't have words? Well...that's where I am in describing Chris. I don't have the words to tell you how much I love him. How proud of him I am. How blessed I am to be his mom. How I wouldn't trade everything we've gone through for anything or anyone.

Of course I wish it didn't have to have been as hard as it was but actually? I can see why now. Neither one of us is anything less than completely hard-headed. We had to do it all the hard way. It brought us to a place where we can appreciate each other in ways I don't think we could have if life hadn't been so tough for us for so long.

He is an amazing young man. I know - I've said that. I need original material... Actually? I'm hoping God brings an amazing young woman into his life soon. He seems to have settled into life enough to be ready for that. Now if only God would agree....

Hope you all had as perfect a Mother's Day as I did!

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