National Day of Prayer

Every time I do something I say I'm going to be a bit more organized next time. I'm 42 now. Seriously - shouldn't I have learned this lesson by now?

Aaron and I opened our home Thursday evening and we were here. With our Lifegroup. With our yard signs that said "National Day of Prayer - Open for Prayer." We had a few cars slow down but...no one parked and came in to pray with us. BIG sigh...

However. Like doing anything else for the first time, I learned a few things so come 2010, for the National Day of Prayer I will:

1. Pray for God's guidance regarding the National Day of Prayer long before it's rolling around!

2. Take the whole day off. Cleaning your house in preparation for total strangers to enter it is daunting and exhausting task. By the time 6PM arrived Thursday night, the three of us were too tired to do much more than vaguely participate.

3. Address personal invitations to my neighbors and hand them out at least one week before.

4. Send an email to everyone I know at least one week and then again no less than 3 days before.

5. Spend quality time on the National Day of Prayer website and have things more firmly planted in my mind.

6. Type out the Scripture sheets at least a week in advance! Doing them in less than an hour plus printing them off is WAY too much pressure.

All of that would have left the actual time of prayer as time of prayer, not my normal "Did I remember it all?" stress thinking time!

We had a lovely evening, don't misunderstand. Somehow, some day, some way though, I am going to learn to be more organized...

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