Dayspring again

This time, I really, really have to fight the green-eyed monster. I just found out that Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land received the Dayspring Life to the Full collection, too. Ohhhh bigggggg sigh..... To have a readership and be considered by Dayspring as a good place to get the word out... I have to say, I don't usually go so nuts over dishes. I mean - they're dishes. Right? What's the big deal. I wish I could say that on this set but I absolutely love it.

Kimba is giving away a $50 gift certificate, though, for Dayspring and I'm oh so hoping I win this one. Posting about it on my blog earns me another entry and since I don't Twitter, I'm stuck at two. Please...go enter... oh... wait... well... ok. Go enter but if you win, can I have half???

Enter quick. The giveaway is only open until May 12th!

Oh... and if you don't enter, would you mind sending up a little prayer for me? I am realllllly hearting those 8" dessert plates. I need (oops - let's say want...) 16 of them...

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh they are such beautiful dishes aren't they? Best of luck to you.