Great Quote

I was watching Extreme Home Makeover on Sunday and the family they picked for this last week was incredible. The families are always pulling at my heart strings, most of the shows make me cry (I had to stop watching the full show - my head always hurt on Monday) but this last Sunday, well...the father and his sons seemed somehow "more" deserving than most.

Anyhow... this post is more about a quote I heard him state at the end of the show. He opened his home as a type of community center for the kids in his neighborhood and the quote is apparently very familiar to them. He said:

"What do I always tell you, kids? Dream big. Dream huge. Reach for the moon and if you miss the moon, grab a star instead."

...if you miss the moon grab a star instead...

Even if you fail, even if your dream doesn't come true - remain flexible - it might need some modifications but there is no reason why you can't achieve what you set out to achieve.

I fully believe we can't achieve more than God's purpose for our lives but I also know that God puts "big" in our hearts - whatever that looks like for each one of us.

So... reach for the moon and if you miss the moon, grab a star instead.... and then take a moment to thank God that He gave you hands.

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