Do I make a difference? CAN I make a difference?

Those questions pop into our mind on occasion. Truly - the answer is yes. There are many ways, none of them "easy" but one that does seem to be easier than others is through sponsoring a child.

Have you read any of this yet? Don't back away from it. Don't close the window because the stories are too hard to read. Just grab two boxes of tissues and read, read, read... What an amazing journey this has been to follow.

It has made me want to sponsor another child. I'm not sure anymore that two is enough. I have so much and it takes so little. For some, I know, $32 a month sounds like a small fortune. It was when I had so much less. Compassion International is amazing, though, in all it does around the world with such a small amount.

Take a moment or two or three... read some of the posts, check out the children still in need of a sponsor and become a part of their story. You become intimately weaved into their lives. They love you, they pray for you. You matter to them in ways you can never imagine.

And they matter to you. More than you could believe possible. You will discover depths of feeling you never realized you possessed.

For $32 a month you provide not only food and medical care but hope. Hope. You give them a chance to dream. You offer security. You can make a difference.

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