It's Tough When You Put Your Heart On Legs

I've always loved that description of a mother's love for her children. It's like you've given your heart legs and sent it out into the world.... It is oh so true. It's also true when it's a child you haven't given birth to but you consider your own. Yesterday and today seem to be "heart pain" days when it comes to my children and I am hoping the world goes right again today.

My oldest...nothing disastrous befell him yesterday, I just didn't see him. I'm going to have to adjust to that again soon as he's planning on moving out on his own. While he's living with us, though, unless he tells me otherwise, I expect to see him at least a few minutes each day and I'm a bit off when I don't. My day just isn't quite right.

My youngest... well... he managed to get himself into a bit of trouble yesterday. Lying is such a tricky problem with him. We went through a period of time a few years back when it seemed he couldn't stop lying. The punishments had to get harder and harder until we figured out one that seemed to register with him. Trust me - we hated every minute of it. We don't ever want to go back so when he lies, we both cringe inside and are just so sad. Last night was Lifegroup so with so many people showing up at our house before we get to talk to him, he knows any time he gets into trouble he has to wait until Friday night. That does have some benefit - it's on his mind the entire time...

Finally, a dam broke in Indonesia this morning. I sponsor a little girl, Gabrialle and anytime there is a disaster in Indonesia, I sit on pins and needles, waiting until I hear something that confirms she is ok. It gets a little tricky for me because I'm not 100% sure where different things are there. I should become a lot more familiar with the country, I've only been sponsoring her for 7 years, I just haven't yet. It would be so amazing to be able to meet her but for now we just write letters and I learn little by little about her. She is such a beautiful young lady and I hope to meet her. I also hope she is safe.

Not that it's so unusual for me but today will be a day of prayer for my children...


Saleslady371 said...

Oh, Bonnie, my mother's heart is in agreement with you in prayer today. I remember when my girls reached young adulthood and sprouted wings; adjustments are hard! My oldest would lie and tell me she was at youth group (she wasn't). I would ask "what did they discuss?" She would reply with a most eloquent Bible study and I would go to bed only to see her at the foot of my bed confessing her lie. She was with her boyfriend (as the Holy Spirit showed me.)

It's tough, dear one! God be with you and your hubby and your little one in Indoneshia.


Andrea said...

Raising a family is difficult. It seems you always have your heart on your sleeve. My sons are married with their own children, but I am still concerned for them as much as I was in their younger years. But my grandchildren are added to my daily prayer list now. It's wonderful that you sponser a little girl in Indonesia. How awesome! I hope and pray you get to meet her one day! God bless you for your unselfish heart of love. Have a wonderful Sunday!