Thankful Thursday - prayer

Lori at Lori's Relfections is hosting Thankful Thursday this week for Iris as Iris takes a couple of weeks to pursue some possibilities God has put before her.

For her topic this week, Lori has chosen prayer. Prayer is, to me, just about the most important privilege I am given as a child of God. I don't "have" to talk to God - I "get" to talk to God. He wants to hear from me. He may not always say "yes" to my requests, but He wants to hear what is on my heart. He wants to tell me what is on His. My prayer time is not just about rattling off a list of requests for Him to fulfill, it's about listening to His gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) revelations to my heart. There is so much in me that needs to grow and change as I, hopefully, become more Christ-like. It is only if I take the time to spend time at the foot of the throne of God do I become aware of those habits, prideful thoughts, etc. that keep me from being the person God intends me to be.

I am thankful that God loves me.

I am thankful, too, that in that love, He wants to spend time with me, talking with me.

I am so incredibly grateful that no decision is too small for me to bring to Him. He wants to be a part of every aspect of my life.

Ultimately, I am in awe of the grace He extends to me when I step out ahead of Him and don't ask His opinion on a decision. There are times when I forget to take something to Him in prayer and then there are times when I take it to Him and want an answer in my timeframe. I don't wait on Him. I am thankful that He forgives me those mis-steps and that I am still able to come before Him with my prayers.

I am thankful for those wise people He has placed in my life, giving me counsel and offering advice - even when I'm being too stubborn to listen. I am especially grateful to Him for my husband. A man of almost infinite patience (and he needs it, living with me!) and wisdom beyond my understanding. I am still amazed God chose him for me.

What love is open to me if I am willing to accept it! That He is always there, always faithful, never wavering in who He is, amazes me and awes me. Sometimes it leaves me plain speechless. For that I am thankful.

For what are you thankful this week? Make sure you head over to Lori's! Share your thankful list and read others.



Denise said...

Very lovely thankful post dear.

Tammy said...

I love the part about your post that the Lord forgives us when we run ahead & forget to ask for help. I am so thankful for that! He is good and gracious!

Laurie Ann said...

Some awesome thoughts about prayer here! Love it. Happy Thankful Thursday to you.

Grammy said...

I enjoyed your post and it has left me with questions of my life. You said
"I am still amazed God chose him for me" Those words make me need to think if I made a choice or it was meant to be. Now you have given me food for thought.
Thank you. Have a great week.

milet said...

a very grateful post indeed. thanks for dropping by mine and also praying for me.

Cheryl said...

Great thankful Thursday post.

Thanks for sharing!


saleslady371 said...

I love the way that you end your day in prayer. Thank you for posting that. I want that to be the norm for my life, too. You shared your intimate relationship with the Lord so beautifully. And that's what prayer is all about.

Serendipity said...

A great post! I too am thankful for His counsel and guidance. Thank you for dropping by to visit.

God bless!