A Soldier's Mother

I was checking out some of the blogs I have in my favorites. I haven't been reading them for a few days so I decided to do some catching up. My younger one is in the other room practicing his piano and the older one is watching TV. I've packed up two boxes of Christmas decorations (plan on doing one or two more), vacuumed and watched Chronicles of Narnia so far today.

While I was doing that, there is a woman in Israel who is trying to remember to take her next breath. When I clicked on the link to take me to her blog (recommended by one of my "favorites"), I had no idea what I would read, what it would do to me both physically and mentally. Her son, if I did the math right, is very close in age to my oldest. The difference, though, in life experience is so vast I can't begin to fathom it.

We see the news reports, we hear of these places - so far away, so alien to us - and we know there are real people living through these nightmares but we don't know what they are like. Except for 9/11, what have we experienced in this country? I know I have never worried about rockets hitting my home. I have wondered where my next meal would come from but it did come. I have wondered where my son and I would lay our heads at night but we found a place. Never, though, have I wondered if it would be blown up. I never worried about exploding bombs as I crossed a street, rode on a bus, shopped in a mall, took my sons to school...

Here is a woman to read, a life to share even if it is no way other than via "blog world." She is a voice to us for Israel, an "ordinary woman" sharing her life with us using words. Vivid words. Striking pictures.

I lift her up to you, Oh Lord. Her, her children, her son in the Israeli army. I lift up all of those families - mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters...all of them living with war day in and day out. Hear them, please, oh Lord. End this war quickly, give them peace and comfort and I ask, Oh Father - please keep them safe.

Read A Soldier's Mother. She is worth your time.

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