Snow in March

Nothing like getting to spring to have a few inches of snow to remind you that things don't always go as you think they should. It was amazing. Beautiful, too - the perfect kind of snow. It didn't start sticking to the roads until we were all home, safe & sound. Perfect! It fell on the weekend, too, so no worries about not getting to or being late to work. Perfect!

Other than the snow, nothing too exciting happened last weekend. It was busy but almost a relaxing kind of busy. We spent Sunday at my grandmother's house doing our laundry so we took some movies and just relaxed over there. Its a bit odd - Mom took out the couch so there are just a couple of chairs and no place to stretch out but that was probably a good thing. We would have napped and been there longer! We were there for about 6 hours as it was. We did two loads for big Chris, too because he was trying to get stuff together to head over to Kingston for training for two weeks. My apprentice son has his first 1000 hours in as a Laborer and is off for two weeks bumping himself up a level. He is doing so well and I am so incredibly proud of him!

Monday was a bit hectic at work. There is a form my office has to fill out every year and its due on March 31st. We have to wait for our CPA auditor to put it together and then sign it electronically by two company officers. Shouldn't be a big deal but somehow it always becomes a bit of a circus. Took me half the day to get this thing signed and uploaded and I had to run home to upload it (their server didn't like our server). The dog enjoyed it, at least! Instead of his normal seeing me once for lunch, he ended up seeing me twice. Its fun having a dog - he is always SO happy to see us.

Tomorrow is a day off for me. Aaron usually has Wednesday off and this week is Christopher's spring break so we're off to the Art Museum (Christopher's choice). It should be a fun day. I'll try to share a picture or two from it. I love having a day to just play. We used to have Sundays but these days, they're usually spent hanging out somewhere doing laundry! Not exactly our idea of a "good time." So, I'm going to use a bit of my vacation through the next few months and take an occasional Wednesday off and spend some time with my husband that will involve some yard work but hopefully some fun stuff, too. We'll have to see how that goes. :)

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