This last weekend was a lot of fun. First, I did my annual MS Walk. This was our sixth year walking and for the first time, the weather was gorgeous. We've had some ok weather and we've had some pretty dang lousy weather and one year I seem to remember it being "nice" but Saturday was perfect. It seemed almost a shame to finish! It was fun, too, because this year Mom's birthday fell on the same day as the walk so Brenda & I conspired to "decorate" her for the day. The only thing we didn't make her keep on were the big yellow sunglasses. Otherwise, she did the whole walk with her headband, balloon, necklace & flashing "Happy Birthday" badge. She definitely attracted the attention of the event photographers so we'll see if she ends up on the MS website! It was also my oldest niece's first year walking with us. She is just so neat to talk to and listen to, its fun to watch her grow up. She's smart and interesting and funny. She has been blessed with our family zinger capability, that's for sure.

At home on Saturday, my boys worked hard on our back yard. My flower bed is looking like a flower bed again!!! I get to go shopping soon for plants to fill the planters both out back and out front and I'll probably plant some color along the back fence, too. I am so excited to have a yard to fill with flowers this year!! I know the previous owners planted a lot but I'm going to add to it.

Yesterday meant our youngest's first baseball game. I took about 50 pictures! Even he commented that I took a lot of pictures and I told him - he will never again have a "first" baseball game. He's a pretty talented little player, too, considering he has never played the game before. The coach had him play pitcher the first inning and his team had managed to get two players out at the bases when one of the boys hit a ground ball right to Christopher. He scooped that ball up like he was a pro, turned and threw it right to first base, the first baseman caught it and that was out #3!! Then, he was able to get an at-bat in all three innings (Its fun the way they have these little kid little league games set up!) and hit a single each time. He did have to use the T in the second inning, we think his nerves took over a bit but in innings one and three, he hit a strong, solid ground ball right by the second baseman and into center field. His goal now is to play professional ball when he grows up. Imagine that... :)

The weather, though, wasn't anywhere near as nice on Sunday as it was on Saturday! I think the temperature plummeted about 30 degrees between the two days and I ended up with some numb fingers with all of my picture-taking yesterday. The rain, though, was kind enough to hold off until our game was over but it has definitely moved in to soak us for a little while. Someone mentioned its supposed to clear up again later today. I'll believe THAT when I see it!!

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