So...my Mom has been in Florida having herself some fun with my Aunt & Uncle while we've all be suffering here in the rain & cold (Except, of course, for Saturday. Was that really the Northwest???). We get this fun little email from my Aunt telling us they're holding my Mom for ransom and won't take her to the airport tomorrow unless she gets two kisses from each of her grandchildren!! The nerve... ;)

Here I am, trying to pay the ransom for my dear mother's return and its too big for either my personal email to send it or their email to receive it!! The only thing I've got is this blog and now I have to pray this works. If not, I may never see my mother again... The thing that makes me laugh is I just did this thing on my little digital camera - its nothing fancy but apparently they sent kisses for too long and our time is short on their demands so I can't re-do it... :)

So. Enjoy the movie. I know my oldest is going to roll his eyes when he finds out just how many people might see him blowing kisses to his Grandmom Mae but that's just the way it goes.

Have a great Monday! It's one of "those" for me...quarterly taxes are due (and I do them for three companies now), Mom is on vacation, payroll has to be done, bills to be paid and I left about 75% of what I need to do today at home or elsewhere. I need prayer... and maybe a personal assistant... not sure anymore!!!!

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