Yesterday was my birthday and it's now official - I am "in my 40's." Ugh. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I'll have to let you know. I flip back and forth - sometimes I wish I was still in my mid-20's, I don't feel like I did enough with my 20's & 30's and other times I think 40's aren't too bad. I don't care about the same things I did when I was in my 30's and it's a bit liberating to realize what really isn't all that important.

My husband took me out to dinner and we had a wonderful couple of hours just us. I love spending time with Aaron. He is an awesome man in more ways than I could mention here and I still can't believe I am so blessed. He has to be an awesome man - he puts up with me every day (and says he likes it!) and he irons for me whenever I wake up late for work (which is, by the way, almost every single time I need something ironed...). AND he cooks... to me? That's better than gold!! Yesterday he fixed the grill and the lawnmower, cut most of the front yard, took Christopher to baseball practice and still managed to get home in time & ready to take me out to dinner. Yup - I'm blessed.

My oldest son watched our youngest as we went out to dinner but before I left, my youngest gave me my birthday present. Its the paper flower pot you see in the picture (the other one, the cherub holding the heart with the ivy in it was my Valentine's gift from Shortstuff). Christopher spent days planning this out and then making it. It is probably one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received. Aaron told me last night Christopher had come to him several days ago telling his Dad what he was going to make me. Today I asked him to make paper flowers for the box because the live flowers can't get water (it being paper and all...) so I can take it to work. I want to look at this thing every single day. Christopher tells me he can do that - he has some scrap paper he keeps in his backpack in case he comes up with a project idea. That made me laugh. He's 8 and he carries around different scraps of construction paper just in case he wants to make something. Our "little creator." He loves creating things - one of the requests for his birthday was yarn, shoeboxes, tape and just... stuff. Things he could use with his creations. Such an imagination, too! He has built a closet for his Build-A-Bear clothes, robots, windmills, he loves origami... He loves golf & baseball, too. We're going to sign him up for soccer in the fall. This is what I miss about Chris. His not being a kid and enjoying all of this stuff. My adult son is contemplating joining an adult basketball league. I hope he does it and I hope I can go to some of his games. I miss watching him do the things he loves and is good at. Chris on the basketball court was a wonderful thing to watch. All determination and happiness. You could see his love for playing on his face. I wouldn't mind watching that again.

I'm a rambling mother at the moment... I think I'll stop for now. I'm headed down some rabbit trails and who knows what I'd type. Hope you have a glorious day!

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