A Morning at the Doctor

Today was a fun day. I don't know what it is about getting older but man - I don't seem to be doing it well. Attention to detail was practically my middle name. I didn't forget things - I didn't forget appointment times, names, birthdays, phone numbers. There was a time when I could tell you what you had been wearing the day we met and we could have met ten years ago. I could tell you, practically word for word, our conversation. Now? pffftt... a few weeks ago I couldn't remember how to open the cap on my gas tank. I followed that up a few days later by not being able to remember my husband's birthday. (THAT was a rough one!)

Today, I had a doctor appointment and was supposed to be there at 9:25 (to check in, go over paperwork - you know the Dr. drill) with my appointment at 9:40. Somewhere along the line I thought I had to be there at 9 and my appointment was at 9:25 (at least I remembered 9:25 was in there somewhere). On top of that, the doctor was running just a bit behind so I actually sat in the waiting room until almost 10:30. Then, I'm done and out the door by 11:10. I spent twice as much time waiting as I did with the doctor. Now there is time well spent...

I don't know who picks and chooses the genes you get but I must have made them angry somehow. I got the fat gene, the lousy cholesterol gene, the goofy heart gene, the high blood pressure gene and I'm pretty sure there is a "bad hair" gene and I got that one, too. This isn't me feeling sorry for myself, I'm a realist (so I've been told repeatedly). About the only kindness I have been shown is the pretty smile gene and even that seems to be starting to get old.

So...tomorrow (yes - tomorrow. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? :) ) I have to buckle down and get serious. Again. This time, though, it has to be for real. I'm too old to act like I have plenty of time to fix this mess! I think I wake up tomorrow and its my 64th birthday... Oh no, wait... that was my dad a month ago. See what I mean about forgetting?

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