I think I'm going to keep my updates "light" for a while. When I started to type out my update on what happened on Easter, I started to type what I've been thinking about over the last few weeks. It wouldn't hurt for me to write it out, I'm just going to keep in mind, at least for now, that children will read this, too so I'll try to avoid getting too deep.

Easter is my favorite holiday. It has nothing to do with Easter bunnies or the candy or egg hunting (although I did find the "Big Egg" two years in a row at our family egg hunt. :) ) and it has everything to do with why we celebrate Easter. Jesus Christ rose from the dead!! He was crucified, He died and He was buried but on that third day, He rose from the dead. How is that not cause for incredible celebration? We were provided the means to be right with God, once and for all. He pushed satan and death out of the way and opened the path right back to Him. All of the "whys" as to its necessity and such are way too much for here ( and I'm not smart enough to write it well!) but I can be shout-from-the-rooftop-happy that it happened. And I am. I absolutely, positively LOVE Easter weekend (yes - I love Good Friday, too!).

It was a good weekend. A weekend spent with family. A weekend full of fun and good food and good company. Always, though, every moment of this weekend there was also the constant lyrics from one of my favorite songs (Hillsong, I believe, the writers & singers, etc.) "Thank You for the cross, LORD. Thank You for the price you paid. Bearing all my sin & shame, in love You came and gave amazing grace." There are more lyrics, more verses but I'll not type it all out.

The picture, my sons & one of my nieces coloring eggs. I love the fact that my 22 year old genuinely enjoys being around his much younger brother and cousins. It is awesome to witness.

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Linda said...

Bonnie--I'm so glad you're blogging! Me, too! http://whyyesiamcrazyandlovinit.blogspot.com/

I love your pictures, and reading your words/thoughts. It feels wierd at first, doesn't it? I'm beginning to find it almost therpeutic, lately, though; I just need to blog more often.

Great to hear from you!