A Rush to Conclusion

rawing conclusions is a human trait people have fought against, probably forever. I know it's a weakness I have and you would think, after numerous humiliating situations, I would learn to keep my mouth shut until I have heard ALL of the facts, researched as much information as I could and received wise counsel.

Alas...that isn't always the case. As I get older, I am getting better but it seems the same can't be said for a couple of the biggest offices in this country. The NAACP, the Department of Agriculture and the White House. For shame all of them.

How, in the age where information on the internet is constantly manipulated to suit the needs of whomever has their hands on it, do these three offices do what they did, say what they said and firmly hold to positions WITHOUT taking the few minutes needed to do a very small amount of research. 5-10 minutes watching the entire tape could have saved massive amounts of embarrassment, kept a woman in the career she has dedicated her entire life to and wouldn't have left us shaking our heads wondering just whose salary we're paying & why they didn't do their job.

Perhaps, though, it will mean something "better" for Shirley Sherrod. Perhaps, just perhaps, she will end up in a place where she can do more, help more, challenge herself again. One thing I do know, God does use those things we consider "bad" for His glory. Ms. Sherrod, while very understandably upset at was has happened, seems to be conducting herself with dignity and grace. She, at least, seems to be gathering all of her facts before speaking out too much...

Perhaps there are a few of us who could learn by her example. Can common sense - crossing all of your t's and dotting all of your i's (remember that saying?) - make a comeback? Anytime? Anywhere? I know I'm all for it.

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische

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Parsley said...

Couldn't agree more with you.