Friday Follies

Yesterday morning I was up before the birds. I have a friend who likes to say there is no oxygen at that hour. One thing I can say - there is oxygen but you have to work pretty hard to find it. You're not awake. For those of you who make it a regular habit to get up at 5AM and earlier? My hat is off to you. I couldn't do it and remain human.

What was I doing up so early? Heading out the door to make the 6 hour drive to Lewiston, Idaho. What could be in Lewiston? Why...Beamers' Hells Canyon Tours, of course. My office holds a meeting every other month and we move it around the State. In July we try to do something "fun" with the meeting. We've gone whale watching (if you ever get the chance... do it!) a couple of times, golfing (which I skipped), a boat trip on Lake Chelan and in Pasco (which I also skipped so I don't know which river they were on) and this Beamers' trip. I've been with the company for 16 years and we've done the Beamers' trip every four years. This would have been my fifth time on the river but trust me - the scenery never gets old. I was really hoping to blog about that trip, share a lot of pictures and just stun you with the beauty that is the Snake River.

Alas... a phone call and a broken water main ended my dreams of blogging glory.

The puddle I had noticed on our sidewalk on the way to the driveway was not the result of a freakishly centered rainstorm. No - it was, instead, water leaking from a broken pipe that had already pumped about 2 inches of rain in our crawl space and saturated the ground between the house and our water meter.


When my husband called to tell me, I was in Othello. That's about 2 1/2 hours east of my house. Then he told me the only plumber he could get out to our house was, at the earliest, 3PM yesterday afternoon. There was the chance they'd have to be here at the house on Saturday. I needed to turn around.

Now...to be honest...I wasn't looking forward to the drive home from Idaho today. I don't know why, there was just something in me that knew it was going to be a tough one. While it is going to cost us about $3,000 to get this fixed and I wouldn't have minded a cheaper "go home" message, I listened. There is some reason I'm not supposed to be on I-90 westbound today. I don't know what it is but I'm ok not knowing.

Instead...I'm here. A Saturday free. And trust me, I am not complaining about that in the least. Despite looking at having to hand over $3000 next week when the work is finished, the blessings in this mess are too numerous to list. God is so good - even through disaster.

Now...what do I do with my free Saturday? With this in my front yard, the promise of the plumber returning in a week to dig a trench (more of my flower garden gone...) and place a new water main to our house and a dog who is so worn out from barking at the "intruder" yesterday, all he can do is:
At the meter:

The hole...in my garden...in front of my bench...right outside my living room window:

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HeathahLee said...

Oh, Bonnie! I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip! We've had plumbing problems that caused ugly digging in our yard, too, but, thankfully none that expensive. Ugh. Praying for y'all!